Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project

My list of emerging influential blogs...
  1. Blogger Manila -
    Serial blogger Jonel started his blog last October 10, 2010. What an auspicious date! If this blog reaches the level of his other blogs, it'll definitely be influential!

  2. Certified Foodies -
    Excellent brother-sister tandem! I like the fact that they also feature "ordinary" food like hotdogs, chocolate bars, etc.
  3. Orman Manansala's Food Blog -
    When Orman talks, we listen. When he blogs, we read.
  4. Levy Martinez' Personal Blog -
    This simple blog is more influential than it seems! Primarily because of the hard-working mommy blogger behind it.
  5. Mommy Survival -
    I'm not a mommy (Duh!) but even non-parents often learn a quick and practical tip or two from this blog.
  6. 7107 Reasons to Love Pinas! "Sub-blog" -
    Shameless self-promotion, of course! This is a blog about the main blog,
  7. Libotero -
    Check out the Libotero Libot Map on the right side of the blog. He has liboted so many places! :). The stunning photographs definitely make the blog even more appealing.

  8. Unbox -
    Prolific posting and frequent giveaways made this a popular tech blog in 6 short months.
  9. Rizal Park -
    Influence will come naturally since the blog is actively promoting our national park.
  10. Lafangero -
    Alex's crisp photos of aesthetic dishes occasionally cause uncontrollable (and embarrassing) drooling.
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