Friday, October 29, 2010

Bo Sanchez' Maid Invests in the Stock Market

Got this little 82-page book for free when I attended the "Riding the Bull with Growth Companies" Market Briefing organized by Citisec (my preferred online trading company). 

The stage was huge! I deliberately sat at the last row.

Anyway, going back to Bo Sanchez' brilliantly titled book, it's "truly rich" with simple stories and illustrations to encourage readers to become investors.

He outlined a simple process that anyone can do, even his maids. Literally, he has been mentoring his maids (who earn 7,000 pesos a month) to invest in the Philippine stock market using (take a guess...) CitisecOnline. The steps really are simple, but the procedure requires high Emotional Quotient. 

I'm not sure if the book is for sale or merely a marketing tool to promote Bo's Truly Rich Club. Either way, it's a good, quick read.

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