Monday, October 25, 2010

Barangay Elections 2010 at Jose Abad Santos High School

Some supporters were doing last-minute campaigns despite the rule against it.

Jose Abad Santos High School, Building 1 (or was that Building 2?) 

Playground. The tower is NOT part of the school.

Ah, that's Building 2

Oo nga, panatilihing manlinis ang paaralan.

The hallway to the voting rooms.

A peek inside the classroom. 

They really wanted to make sure that I couldn't wash off the indelible ink that easily.

Since the previous election was just 5 months ago, the procedure was still fresh in my mind. The steps we (my Dad and I) had to do were rather simple:

  1. Went to our assigned school/voting venue after lunch instead of early in the morning.
  2. Looked for the "poster" that indicated the room assigned to our barangay.
  3. Climbed up to the second floor because that was where our room was located.
  4. Searched for our names in the list posted outside the voting room, and remembered the corresponding numbers to facilitate search.
  5. Recited our names and numbers to the teacher manning the ballot area.
  6. Signed the logsheet and stamped our thumbmark on it.
  7. Got our ballots.
  8. Filled out the ballots.
  9. Dropped the ballots in the ballot box (of course!)
  10. Waited for the PCOS machine to count our ballot. No wait, that was last May.
  11. Another thumbmark on another sheet of paper just to make sure.
  12. Got a drop (or in my case, several drops of indelible ink) on our right index finger.
  13. Attempted to remove the indelible ink by wiping it on my clean white shirt.
  14. Left the area with a badly smudged index finger and a dirty shirt.
Total time inside the voting room: 4 minutes. Very efficient, eh?

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