Friday, September 24, 2010

Manila Bulletin 3D Photos

Hear ye! Hear ye! Manila Bulletin has launched the first ever 3D edition newspaper.

The moment I found out about it, I rushed downstairs to grab a copy so I could see for myself. The one I bought didn't come with the special 3D glasses though (boo!). For some mysterious reason, the newspaper stand in our area didn't have them. And the Tita who was minding the stand was in a grumpy mood, so I didn't dare complain to her.

I had to dig out my old-school red-and-blue 3D spectacles (that word made it sound even older, eh?) to view the effects. I got those 3D thingies back when I was still collecting basketball cards in the 90s, and one "collectible cards" company experimented with the idea. So this is simply old technology being injected into an old medium, producing something "new".

Without the 3D goggles, the special pictures seem like they were taken by a photographer with shaky hands. So as a publisher, do you try to please the general public who don't care about this 3D fad, or the small group of people who consider this the greatest thing since dirty ice cream?

Nice photos highlighting local sights. Best viewed using very old 3D spectacles 
On top of that concern,some people are asking, "What value does that add to the news?" Not much, really. But today's edition will probably sell twice as much as usual. It's called marketing.

I'm quite certain that other newspaper and magazine publishers could come up with a better, nicer, clearer, "ererer" version. But nobody can take away the fact that Manila Bulletin did it first.

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