Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keep Moving! A Call to Personal Leadership by Francis Kong

Without a doubt, Francis Kong is the best Pinoy speaker I have ever witnessed in a "live performance". I've heard him speak at 5 different events, and I was thoroughly impressed each time.

A few months ago, 
he conducted a half-day seminar somewhere in Makati. I wanted to attend that too, but unfortunately for me, I had a prior appointment. Tickets for that seminar (organized by a different events company) was 2,500 pesos each. And many of his whole-day workshops go for as high as 8,000 pesos per seat. 

But for the upcoming event at SMX on September 25, from 1 to 5 PM, thanks to the sponsors' support, the price has been cut down to 1,500 pesos for a Gold Ticket (very near the stage) and only 1,000 pesos for a Silver Ticket. It's a different topic, but it's still the same Francis Kong!

The details are listed at the AT3 Events notes page. I highly recommend this. Especially at this bargain price!

I've been raving about this with Bong of AT3 Events when he was a guest at our cable tv show 3 weeks ago. And I don't remember what I said, but out of nowhere, he generously offered to sponsor two tickets to the seminar as contest prizes. Since I can't attend (again!) because of a prior commitment, I'm tossing in my ticket into the prize pool as well.

If you want to attend (and why wouldn't you?), here's your chance to win one of three Silver tickets to "Keep Moving! Reaching Up for Success"

Here are the contest mechanics:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and "like" the AT3 Events Facebook page and the 7107 Reasons Facebook page.
  2. Think of specific questions about leadership that you wish to ask Mr. Francis Kong.
  3. On your Facebook Wall, post your question, and tag AT3's Facebook page so they could track your contest entry.
  4. To tag AT3, type an "@", then type AT3. A drop-down list will reveal "AT3 EVENT PLANNING AND CONCEPTS, INC.". Click on that option and it will become a blue link.
  5. After posting the question on your wall, check to see if your question appears on the AT3 Events Facebook page wall. If it does, then your question is counted as a contest entry!
  6. The event organizers from AT3 and some external judges will help choose the winners based on the quality of the questions.
  7. Three winners will receive Silver tickets (worth 1000 pesos each) to "Keep Moving! Reaching Up for Success".
  8. Tip: Specific questions are far better than generic questions. Here's a sample question"I lead a team of 14 staff members whose age range is from 22 to 54 years old. What is an effective way to develop good team culture in this diverse group?"
  9. You may post as many questions as you wish until September 22, 12 noon (Yes, lunchtime). More questions will give you more chances of winning.
  10. Results will be posted on the AT3 Facebook page wall on September 23.
How easy is that? Just think of a good question, and you have a shot at attending this wonderful learning event for free! Paraphrasing a quote a famous talk show host, "Sali na! Now na!"

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