Friday, October 18, 2013

Swapping An Old Car For A New Foton?

This is my pick-up truck. I want a new one because this one is so... flat.

I've been hearing good things about Foton, so let's check out the options.

The Foton MPX, with 12 seats.

The Foton View, good for 15 people.

An LPG powered forklift. Wait, what? How'd that get in here?

And this gorgeous thing is the Foton Thunder.

With a Cummins 2.8 liter CRDi diesel engine capable of producing 160 hp and 380 N-m of torque, it's as durable and as muscular as any other truck in its class.

But... it costs way less than the others!

The price difference - and therefore, savings - is enough to cover my parking, maintenance, and fuel expenses... for OVER a year!

Value for money, that is what I look for when buying a vehicle.

And to me, value for money is what the Foton brand represents.

So, I encourage you to join Foton’s Big Show 2013′s Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25 and witness the launching of the new FOTON View, the 1st dancing wheel loader in the Philippines.

Get a chance to trade-in your old vehicles from October 26 to 27 and avail of BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS when purchasing FOTON vehicles at the event.

Receive amazing giveaways just for showing up and get even more when you test drive their passenger vehicles or attend the forums and trainings.

On top of that, there's no entrance fee 

Go for a test drive! Register here:
Visit for more details. 

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