Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SM Southmall's IMAX

Last week, Az invited bloggers to the special screening of "The Adventures of Tintin" at SM Southmall's fairly new IMAX 3D Theater.

I quickly signed up because I had three main reasons for going: 
1) to visit SM Southmall again 
2) to check out the "first IMAX of the South"
3) to hang out with other bloggers. 

The movie was only the fourth reason, haha! I resisted the temptation to do research or even view the trailer, so when I got in, I had (almost) no idea about what Tintin's character is all about.

I was pleasantly surprised! I was thoroughly impressed by the incredible detail on the characters: the freckles, wrinkles, and even icky nose hairs (I think they went too far with the details there :D ).

Of course, there were segments that made you think, "Why didn't he just do this?" and "Why did he do that?", but it was a family movie so they needed to insert "simple" (albeit illogical) twists. I'm not a fan of slapstick moments either, and there were plenty of them, and again I reminded myself that this is a family movie, so they are a necessary part of the show.

The chase scene at the latter portion of the movie was spectacular. For me, that few minutes of gorgeous screenplay alone was almost worth the price of admission (if I had paid for it). Describing it using mere words would be silly. So go and watch it! :D

After the movie we got the chance to take photos of the IMAX theater. Since it is still fairly new, the interiors are clean, shiny, and "non-sticky".
Here's Arvin posing in front of the screen.
The best "feature" of the cinema is the wonderful team. Every staff member I encountered in the area was nice and polite. The security guards, the ticket girl, the ushers, and even those cleaning up everyone's mess. I feel that they are extremely under-appreciated. They contribute to the overall enjoyable experience of watching a movie. Cheers to the people-oriented team of SM Southmall IMAX Theater! 

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  1. Wow, I like the last photo of Arvin. He looked like a man figure toy of some sort.