Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Duet with Himself

Song starts at the 2:43 mark

Without looking at the screen, I could've sworn that it was indeed a woman singing.

Amazing how a dude could not only mimic a woman's voice, but mimic a woman's singing voice at that. With no formal voice training whatsoever.

He reminds me of Anton Diva, the "Songbird with a Bird" as he/she prefers to be introduced.

I can't say with absolute conviction that deserved to win the Pilipinas Got Talent grand prize because I didn't bother to watch the other contestants perform.

Interesting fact that I found out: prior to this stint, he was a Talentadong Pinoy contestant, but was deemed "not talented enough". Well, nobody said that to his face, but he didn't win. So there.

Since I'm tone deaf and I couldn't distinguish between a good singing voice and a great singing voice, I evaluate singers based on entertainment value. From my own strange criteria for judging, he's definitely entertaining.

I don't think he'll blow the lid off the music charts when his album comes out, but I think he'd rake it in with live performances.

I hope he would make good use of his new found fame. Somebody should warn him to watch out for those "new" relatives!

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