Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bravo for MMDA Tweets and Live Updates

I was searching for information about next week's number coding scheme, hoping that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) would temporarily suspend it during the Lenten season. I hopped over to the MMDA website, and without even having to type in any search text, saw the announcement: "Number Coding Lifted from Holy Tuesday (April 19) to Good Friday (April 22)". 

I'm happy about that piece of news, and I'm delighted to know that somebody over at the MMDA thought of providing the information to the public in a timely and convenient manner.

The article not only contains the news about the number coding scheme, it also shares a list of alternative routes (including a map and other pertinent information) in anticipation of the holiday traffic. And get this, they declared that "The MMDA's Facebook and Twitter account will be also be open 24/7 during the Holy Week to accept and respond to inquiries." That's not just a press release for pogi-points, because when you check their Twitter account, you'll see that they actually do respond to queries. Go ahead, ask them something (something relevant please).

No wonder they're getting all this positive feedback...
Screen capture from the MMDA website.

Showing appreciation is a very simple and easy way to "reward" the hard-working people manning the MMDA Twitter account. I believe in John E. Jones' quote, "What gets rewarded gets repeated." So let's be generous in thanking them for their efforts.

A fine example of a government agency using technology to do its job. Kudos to the MMDA support staff!

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  1. ang mmda ang lupit nio magtrabaho laging handa katulad ng SCOG...