Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Million Hectares of Forests

Haribon Foundation is aiming to restore one million hectares of Philippine forests. One million is a huge number, especially if you're talking about hectares of trees. Why is it a goal to "restore" them? Because the forests were there before, and we took them for granted. So now that we've been knocked back to our senses, we need to do what we can to bring them back.

Why is it important to do that? Because our future depends on it. We know that trees support life, not just the lives of awesome eagles and cute little creatures. Directly or indirectly, we humans living in concrete jungles are affected. And that reason alone should be enough motivation for us to leap into action.

Haribon's slogan: "Protecting nature. Preserving life." encapsulates the idea.

Thanks to Haribon Foundation, ClubTravelNOW! and Pinoy Holistic Healthcare for this initiative. As a passive environmentalist, I support this!

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