Sunday, October 10, 2010

LED Video Board to Promote Patriotism

Black Friday deals asks: Why do you need a free LED video board ad for 150,000.00 pesos?

I have a ready answer for that! I'm working on a collaborative project wherein the aim is to gather 7,107 reasons to love Pinas. That sure is a LOT of reasons to collect!

As the word "collaborative" suggests, I will not be doing this alone. I would like to encourage as many contributors as possible. They only need to share a photo, an anecdote, or even a one-sentence comment about something found in the Philippines that makes us Pinoys proud. Every contributor will be given due credit. So essentially, my role is to stitch together all your patriotic thoughts.

Again, I wish to attract and encourage as many participants as possible. What better way to do that than to post a giganormous, bright moving ad along Guadalupe Bridge EDSA, one of the busiest areas in Metro Manila?

But why am I doing this project in the first place? I sincerely believe that the more reasons we have to love the Philippines, the more we'll appreciate and take good care of Her. This will be the starting point for a First World Philippines, because if you love something, and in this case, our country, you'll do everything you can to make her great. And when the country' status improves, all of us will reap the benefits.

Imagine if every Pinoy would increase his love of the Philippines even by just a bit. That would be enough to create a huge wave of change... until we hit the tipping point of positive change that will propel our country back to the top.

Sometime in the future, history books would point to this generation of Pinoys as the ones who made the country great again. I'm sure that you will be so proud to be a part of it

I'm not trying to be a noble hero here, I'm just doing my share to be "part of the solution" as mentioned by Professor Solita Monsod in her inspiring lecture...

Starting with "little" things like loving our country and expressing it to everyone, each of us can be part of the solution that will erase our current problems.

What about you? Are you part of the solution?


  1. Idol ko din yang si Prof. Solita Monsod eh. very nice naman itong post mo. astig!

  2. Ang galing mag-explain ni Prof. Monsod, at nakakatakot ang "threat" niya! =D

  3. hahaha! yeah.. Napadaan.. re-reading all entries again.. :)

  4. and oh, ok yung mu ah. Nice project! Nag iisip ako anong ma cocontribute ko :)

  5. Thanks, Jehz!

    Contribute ka lang ng photos, videos, or kahit one sentence lang.

    For example, may entry ako about the jeepney. Ano ang funniest memories mo about taking a jeepney to school? Or sa videoke, ano ang favorite mong Pinoy song na pangvideoke? =)