Tuesday, August 17, 2010

National Sport?

Basketball may very well be our national sport.

I love the Philippines (duh!). And I love basketball. But I don't completely love the idea of pouring so much resources into a game that we probably won't excel in. The fact that we need an import to beef up our national team lineup, to sort of "even up the playing field" says a whole lot about our current situation. We can argue that hey, other countries to it, too. But if you were an athlete, how would you feel if our national team won in a tournament that was determined by "who has the most resources to find the best external help"?

Before I get accused for being a racist. It's not about race at all.

We give so much emphasis and shower so much support to our basketball teams that we neglect the less lucrative sports like... hmm, chess. 

How many mentally gifted but financially constricted chess prodigies can we support with the money being invested in a single import? 

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